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Who we are

Generally and simply speaking — we are engineers and server administrators. Our lab is the place where BigData, MapReduce, Hadoop, Cloud/Grid Server Deployments come to life. We provide maintenance as well as full support in the Cloud Sphere with partners such as IBM, hp, RedHat, Azure.

Our Mission

We are the didactic and precocious in what we do and we are the best in our arena. The team comprises of a vivid intellectual people who are capable to strive till we reach the optimum for our clients. Resources we are contribtuing everyday help thousands of new administrators in their work envrionments. Our channels are vast as is our server deployment services.

Code to live!

Server and Shell coding helps in creating advanced security. All these patents are either being used under strict privacy and sold to vendors with advanced security requirements. We achieve robust grid computing for out clients with major tweaks by vast coding producing and infrastructure ever made.

Fastest Threads!

Server requests have fastest replies maximum threads and unlimited laod balancing scripts that enable huge infrastructure feasible with small hardware resources. We are unix lovers and understand every backend needs to provide the best competitive services at much cheaper levels.

Great for Apps!

App servers for most developers are free of cost because we believe in nourturing the world with our services. We believe in innovations and love to support the creativity of the app developers with which they amuse the world. We only ask for the support to their app server infratructure.
Contact Us

India Office

Hebbal, Bengaluru , India.
+91 776 307 0029